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Service comprehensive reforms, renovation and interior design.

"Being on par in price and quality only makes're in the market, but the service is what makes you win"



Our services reforms are aimed at a broad sector of clients. Since there are many who rely on AR Serveis to implement reform projects, rehabilitation and change of habitable environments.


We know that when a reform in a house the client must have the confidence that everything will go well and that is leaving its home in the hands of true professionals.


AR Serveis puts dispocision the residential and commercial sector a wide range of services as reform is concerned always with industry professionals, guaranteeing:


         Competitive prices, itemized bills without last minute surprises.

comprehensive planning service do not have to worry about anything else.


          Punctuality and completion of the work within the agreed time, without delays.

          We work to understand the needs and expectations of customers, accompanying him every step of the                   process.


          We deal with both the project and its subsequent implementation, furniture design and provision of                         decorative elements.


In AR Serveis we have staff qualified and reliable work for those jobs that is not always easy to find hand safely and specialized work: masonry, electrical, plumbing, heating, air conditioning, carpentry, interior and exterior painting, reforms bathrooms and kitchens. Custom address and permanent supervision work.
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After looking much we decided on AR Serveis to reform our floor. The deal has been very good from the first momento.Forman a great professional and human team and it shows in the work.
The only drawback (say) has been the expansion in time to see it finished, it was a complex reform that the A R Serveis just successfully.

The result of the transformation was simply "amazing".
Excellent management, attentive, resourceful and honest (increasingly difficult qualities to find in such a flawed society).

Thanks to the team for your project and convince professionals who have participated in our work.
Very satisfied with the result.


Maite Fonseca. Sant Cugat

Después de mirar mucho nos decidimos por AR Serveis para la reforma de nuestro piso. El trato ha sido muy bueno desde el primer momento.

Forman un gran equipo profesional y humano y eso se nota en el trabajo realizado.

El unico inconveniente (por decir algo) ha sido la dilatación en el tiempo hasta verlo acabado, fue una reforma compleja que el equipo de A R Serveis acabo con éxito. El resultado de la transformación ha sido simplemente “increíble”.

Excelente gestión, atentos, resolutivos y honestos ( cualidades cada vez más difíciles de encontrar en una sociedad tan viciada). Gracias al equipo por convencernos con su proyecto y a los profesionales que han participado en nuestra obra.

Muy satisfechos con el resultado.

I am delighted with my new kitchen. From the beginning I knew I had many limitations of space and was very clear what he wanted, I knew perfectly understand and advise.
I can not fail to mention the professionalism and meeting deadlines and budget (one of the things that complicates reforms) but particularly emphasized the ease of communication and rapid response to my calls and messages.
Thank you very much!


Laura Rodriguez. Terrassa

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