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Custom furniture manufacturing. Furniture Kitchens and Baths.
Interior carpentry Residential and Commercial area.
Garden furniture, pergolas and Marquees.
Drinking water treatment, reverse osmosis, decalcification. DHW (domestic hot water). Installation of new domestic and commercial networks.
Domestic comprehensive electrical installations, commercial and industrial.
Farms update to the new Current Regulations.
Certification and Legalization.
Protective and Decorative Interior and Exterior Solutions.
Insulation and Waterproofing.
Wood and Metal treatments.
Integral maintenance of your home.
Preventive and Periodic Facilities IT3.

Our services

MASONRY: derrivos, rubble removal, tabicados and closures, plastering, tiling, flooring, plaster, plasterboard, general work.


AIR CONDITIONING: Heating, Heating, Air Conditioning, Minichillers, Solar Systems.


CERTIFICATES: We have all certificates for high service, updating and
review of facilities. (Electric, gas, water, air conditioning RITE (Regulation Thermal Installations in Buildings).
Energetic certificates for buildings.


PROJECTS: Service Projects Architecture and Engineering.

   Suppliers  and  Partners

Quality and seriousness in the work of our staff, employees, suppliers and brands certainly ensure an exceptional finish that will leave you satisfied.

AR Serveis has qualified and experienced staff for all trades covering the construction sector. We surround ourselves with the best, to be the best.


Simply give us your confidence so that we can realize your dream, as they have already done hundreds of clients over the years.

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